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The Weekend Schedule


Free Practice:

A short practice session for the drivers on Friday morning lasting a total of 45 minutes.


This 30 minute session on Friday afternoon decides the grid for the Feature Race on Saturday. This is not a knockout style qualification session, and instead, all drivers are free to set times throughout the entire 30 minute session, with the best time at the end of the session taking pole position.


Feature Race:

The first and main race of the weekend is on Saturday, and will either run to a distance of 170km, or 60 minutes, whichever comes first.

Except for Monaco where it is run over 140km and the Hungaroring where it is 160km.

This race includes a mandatory pit-stop that all drivers have to make over the course of the race (unless the race is deemed wet).

When the chequered flag is dropped, the top ten will score points.


Sprint Race:

The main difference between Formula 2 and Formula 1 is there is a second race on Sunday called the Sprint Race.

This race much shorter and run over a distance of 120 km or 45 minutes, whichever condition is met first with the notable exception of Monaco where the distance is 100km.

The top eight at the end of the race will score points. As there is only one Qualifying Session for the Feature Race, pole position for the Sprint Race race is based on the top eight finishers of the Feature Race race using the reverse grid method.

For example, whoever finished first in the Feature race will start eighth in the Sprint Race. Second place will start seventh, third will start sixth and so on until whoever finished eighth will start on pole for the Sprint Race.

Those who finished ninth and above will all start from the positions they finished in the Feature Race. Those who retired from racing in the Feature Race will each lineup behind the rest of the grid in the order the retired from.

Points System

There are Points to be awarded from each day on the weekend. Drivers are awarded points for qualifying and during both races in the form of position and fastest lap.

This creates a total maximum tally a driver can score during a weekend is 48 points and a team 78 points.

Race Points

Additional Points

Pole Position: 4 Points

Fastest Lap: 2 Points (To be eligible to score points for the fastest lap the driver must have finished in the top ten positions and started the race from the designated grid slot.)

The Car

Single Spec for All

The trusted GP2/11 car gets another season of service and with its 4.0L V8 from Mecachrome it can propel the car up to 330 km/h if the car is in Monza aero specification.

Built to FIA F1 Safety Standards it also features a 6-speed sequential gearbox from Hewland that is mounted longitudinal in the chassis and the hydraulically activated DRS is mounted on the rear wing.

The tyres supplied by Pirelli comes in five different specifications. Four slick (super soft, soft, medium, hard) and a wet tyre.

Each driver gets five sets of the slick tyres for the weekend and three of the wet tyre. The slicks are divided into three sets of the “prime” tyre and two of the “option” tyre.

The Licence #RoadtoF1

The Pathway to Forumla One


Pass the Test

The hastag means more to drivers than we think it does, the road to F1 is a real journey through the above categories and along the way they earn the credits/points to be able to qualify as a skilled enough driver to compete.

There are a number of ways that a driver can get these credits for their Super Licence and thus use that as a way to be able to take a Formula One seat if they have that opportunity.

Within the FIA Formula 2 Championship there will be license points awarded based on your position at the end of the season.



Mclaren Edition

Driver Standings

M. SchumacherPREMA191
C. IlottUNI-V169
Y. TsunodaCARLIN147
C. LundgaardART145
N. MazepinHITECH142
R. ShwartzmanPREMA140
L. DelétrazCHAROUZ122
G. ZhouUNI-V119.5
L. GhiottoHITECH104
D. TicktumDAMS80.5
F. DrugovichMP79
J. AitkenCAMPOS47
N. MatsushitaMP42
M. ArmstrongART38
J. DaruvalaCARLIN36
J. VipsDAMS16
G. AlesiBWT HWA8
R. NissanyTRIDENT5
A. MarkelovBWT HWA5
S. GelaelDAMS3
G. SamaiaCAMPOS0

Lead with Speed

Team Standings


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